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‘Black X Card’

Original price was: ₨200.Current price is: ₨175.

  • Hang freely from your car rear-view mirror or indicator lever.
  • Do not expose the complete card at once. For best lasting results, remove the wrapper periodically as per the need.
  • Inspired By Renowned / Branded Perfumes Fragrances.
  • Catchy Design.
  • Long lasting fragrance.

Note: We carry the widest & unique range of ‘X’ card series.


Freshen up your ride with our invigorating car hanging perfume card! Say goodbye to stale odors and embrace a delightful aroma that will make every drive a refreshing experience. Our carefully crafted fragrance is designed to uplift your senses and create a welcoming ambiance in your vehicle.

With its sleek and compact design, our car hanging perfume card effortlessly hangs from your rearview mirror, ensuring maximum exposure to the enchanting fragrance. The durable and long-lasting formula ensures that your car remains pleasantly scented for weeks on end, making every drive a memorable one.

Easy to install and convenient to use, our car hanging perfume card adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle’s interior. Its carefully selected fragrance not only masks unpleasant odors but also creates a captivating atmosphere that uplifts your mood and brings joy to your travels.

7 reviews for ‘Black X Card’


    Good Quality Product in reasonable price. However fragrance should be improved.

  2. Rahan

    Very nice fragrance. Good design

  3. ali hamza

    Smells like soap to me! I would love to try other cards next time 🙂
    Good delivery.

  4. rashid bhatti

    great product , amazing seller . definitely buy again .keep up the good work

  5. zohib ahmed

    This was End Experience for me this fragrance is very powerful and Extremely sweet 🥀👀

  6. hamza khan

    It is the second time I bought this X air freshener for my car! Amazing fragrance and yes it is long lasting

  7. ayesha M

    very strong fragrance just the way i like.

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