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Answers to our most common questions.




What is a customized card?

It is a personalized perfume card build as per businesses need. It is printed with the client’s business logo along with a selected perfume fragrance.

What are the benefits?

Customized hanging car perfume tags are a remarkable promotional item designed to captivate customers and foster loyalty. By incorporating company logos, slogans, or even personalized designs, they become a mobile billboard, spreading brand awareness wherever the car travels.

The versatility of hanging car perfume tags makes them an ideal promotional item for various businesses. Their compact size and easy installation make them a convenient accessory for any vehicle, ensuring widespread use among a diverse customer base.


Is it Single sided or double sided?

It is double sided. You can choose to have the single design / logo on each side or choose different for both sides. (Many businesses also choose to have Dua-e-Safar on the other side.

What is the cost and MOQ (minimum order quantity)?

In terms of cost, customized perfume hanging tags are quite cheaper promotional solution / giveaway item. Minimum order quantity for customization is 500 tags. For costing, kindly contact us ;on our WhatsApp number (+92 303 2273863) as prices tend to change quite often.


What kind of material is used? Is it local or imported?

It is a unique absorbent material with a thickness of approx. 2-3mm. The said material along with the printable sheets are all imported and directly influenced by prevailing dollar rate and import duties.

How longer does the fragrance last?

The perfume lasting period like any other imported perfume card is around 10 – 15 days. However, the lasting time directly depends on the usage like for example; the perfume card should not be completely exposed at once, direct sunlight / heat exposure for longer hours effect the lasting period, confined car environment also plays a vital role. Cars with constant air-conditioning and closed windows will give better lasting results.

What shall be the mode of Payment?

Cash, Online bank transfer, Jazz Cash & Easy Paisa.

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